Stovetop Mac and Cheese with Breaded Chicken Cutlet

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Stovetop Mac and Cheese with Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Servings: 6


A quick and easy homemade mac and cheese recipe you can make in under 20 minutes! Packed with cheesy goodness, this is the only mac and cheese recipe you'll ever need!  Then, top it off with a perfectly breaded and pan fried chicken cutlet.  Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this chicken is the perfect accompaniment to your mac and cheese. 


For the Mac and Cheese

For the Chicken Cutlet


For the Mac and Cheese

  1. Bring half a large pot of water to a boil. Once the water is boiling, salt the water generously with kosher salt. Add the dried pasta to the salted boiling water, then stir to make sure it doesn't stick. Boil the pasta according to package directions or until it's to your desired tenderness. Once the pasta is done, drain the pasta in a colander, then drizzle a little olive oil over top the cooked pasta and stir. This prevents it from sticking together while you make your cheese sauce.

  2. In another heavy bottom pan, melt your butter over medium heat. Whisk the flour into the melted butter for a couple minutes until the butter-flour mixture is a golden brown. Then slowly whisk in the milk. Let the milk mixture simmer on low for a few minutes to thicken, stirring occasionally.

  3. Next, add your spices and stir. Then slowly add your shredded cheese little by little, whisking each little handful into the milk until completely melted and creamy. Once you've added all the cheese, add your cooked pasta to your cheese sauce and stir.

  4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

For the Chicken Cutlets

  1. Cover each chicken breast one at a time with plastic wrap, then using the flat side of a meat mallet, pound each chicken breast out to about 1/2 " thickness all over.  

  2. Mix the Italian seasoning into the panko bread crumbs.

  3. Next, dip each pounded out chicken breast into the flour, completely covering both sides. Then dip the chicken in the egg wash, again completely covering both sides. Finally, press the chicken into the seasoned panko bread crumbs until both sides are completely breaded. 

  4. Heat your oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fry each breaded chicken breast until golden brown on both sides and the internal temp reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  5. Remove from the oil and drain on a wire rack. Immediately salt both sides of the chicken using sea salt.  Cut into strips, chunks, or serve whole and enjoy!

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